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Episode 018 –Everybody Loves Rehman

Saidur Rehman, or Sadie as he is known, is the seafood merchandiser for McCaffrey’s Food Markets.  McCaffrey’s has Pennsylvania retail locations in Yardley, Doylestown, Blue Bell and Newtown with one on the way in New Hope.  They also have two New Jersey locations in West Windsor and one in Princeton.  Sadie has completely raised the bar on being a retail fish monger.  He tells us about breaking down a 900 plus pound Swordfish to fill his cases and getting his customers to care about the sustainability efforts put into seafood.  He’s joined by his Samuels Sales Agent, Mark Adams. The two have been working together for 30 years.

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Episode 017 – Goddess of Food & Drink in Delaware

Owners of Bardea, Scott Stein and Chef Antimo DiMeo sit down with us on the one year birthday of their Wilmington, Delaware restaurant.  Bardea, named after the Italian term for the goddess of food and drink, earned a James Beard semifinalist nomination for Best New Restaurant in 2019.  We learned that Bardea absolutely masters the art of offering guests a unique variety of fish, provided whole.  You’ll hear why the vibe in Bardea has been electric and they are proving Wilmington is more than just a spot off I -95 between DC and Philly. Here’s the story of fish and fruition in The First State.

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Episode 016 – A Tale of Two Mongers

From slinging fish at legendary Ippolito’s in South Philadelphia to becoming top sales reps in top regions all over the east coast, Jessica Digregorio and Anthony Mendicino join us to discuss what it takes in the fish business.  Jessica and Anthony are prime examples of true mongers who started at a young age selling fish to some of the hottest chefs in the country by learning from Sam D’Angelo himself.  Here, they discuss hectic holidays at Ippolito’s, working with all types of different chef personalities, and the possibility of their kids becoming future mini mongers!  This is a great story for anyone looking to become or learn about the life in seafood sales.

Episode 015 – Chef’s Night Out in DC Part 2

Here is the conclusion to last week’s Chef’s Night Out event in DC.  Samuels and DC’s best chefs partied the night away while learning about the newest responsibly raised aquaculture products around. Listen to Washington Redskin’s Executive Chef, Connor McGuire discuss feeding hungry NFL players with seafood. Chef Gregory Lloyd, Executive Chef of Le Diplomate, sits down with Jazmine Klimpl of Hawaiian Kanpachi and asks her all the questions a chef would ask a fish farmer.  You’ll also hear Executive Chef and partner of The Salt Line, Kyle Bailey, who graciously hosted the event. Chef Bailey discusses a variety of topics from making Lobster Rolls using Live Lobsters to holding a large scale chef event with Susan Bacus Morgan, Chief Creative Officer of Samuels Seafood.  The night got interesting and we’re glad we got it recorded for you.


Episode 014 – Chef’s Night Out in DC Part 1

Join a party with the best chefs in Washington DC! On Monday, September 9th, Samuels Seafood celebrated sustainable aquaculture with a Chef’s Night Out.  “Farmed to Table” was an exciting night held at Chef Kyle Baily’s The Salt Line in DC.  Samuels and our customers ate, drank and discussed sustainable new aquaculture products well into the night.  After some catching up and a few drinks, many of the chefs made their way to the podcast lounge.  This week, hear from Chef Massimo Vicidomini from RPM explains how he sources the best ingredients from all over the world. Jonathan Taub from Bub & Pops lets loose and shows his Philly roots. The whole gang from Kusshi Sushi tells the story of how they got fired…only to take over the same spot, becoming sushi-rolling entrepreneurs.  Be sure to catch part 2 next week.


Episode 013 – Angelo Lutz, The Kitchen Conisgliere

Listen to a tale of crime, redemption and of course, cooking seafood.  Angelo Lutz is the owner of Kitchen Consigliere in Colllingswood, NJ.  He also made national headlines and achieved fame when he was indicted of racketeering and gambling charges in 2001. After serving nearly seven years in federal prison, Angelo was released and worked toward his passion of cooking, eventually opening his old school Italian restaurant, “Kitchen Consigliere.”  Angelo tells us the full story from prison to his time in the media spotlight to finally opening his own restaurant.
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Episode 012 – Life at Sea for Viking Captains

Right outside where we recorded this podcast, Swordfish and Tuna were being taken off the boat, graded and sent to Samuels!  Captain Pete Dolan and Danny Mears are captains of fishing vessels for Viking Village, a fishing community in Barnegat Light, New Jersey.  Viking Village supplies some of the highest quality Sea Scallops and finfish in the country.  We caught these captains right after a long trip with their crews in the Atlantic Ocean. It was very exciting to learn about how the captains catch their fish and spend their time at sea.  We also hear about the beautiful and sometimes scary things commercial fishermen experience.  The late summer and early fall is a great time for local Viking Village seafood, now you can hear the fishermen’s story right from the source.

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Episode 011 – Fishing the Seas of Senegal

From the tropical beaches of Senegal, Les Grands Viviers sends some of the most exotic fish in the world to Samuels every week.  The owner of the company, Adama Diane, made the trip across the pond to sit down with us as he tells the story of the local Senegalese fishermen whose livelihoods are based on fishing in the east Atlantic Ocean.  He also discusses some of the responsible fishing measures being put into place in his home country. Some of the unique fish caught in these waters are Parrotfish, Rouget, Scorpionfish, Jumbo Squid, John Dory and Grouper. Adama highlights the contrast between artisanal boats and commercial vessels along with painting a picture of the fishmonger life in Senegal.  The group also discusses nightlife in Senegal and doing aerobics underwater.

Episode 010 – From Stock Markets to Swordfish

Listen to two fishmongers from New York who have made their mark at Samuels & Son Seafood selling seafood throughout the country and buying fish from around the world.  John Monteleone has experience in the stock market who found a unique match switching gears to selling large quantities of seafood to retailers and wholesalers everywhere.  Joe Sarcona, garnered his experience in the heart of the Bronx, at the legendary Fulton Fish Market before joining the purchasing team at Samuels. Here, Joe sources giant Swordfish, Tuna, live Shellfish and more.  Anthony D’Angelo makes a guest appearance and speaks with the gang about all the changes recently made in the Philadelphia fish market scene.


Episode 009 – Starting an Aquaculture Revolution

Dave Mergle is a leader in seafood marketing and a key force behind the launch and success of Skuna Bay Salmon’s iconic “Craft Raised Salmon” brand.  Dave also has experience as a market leader of Blue Ocean Mariculture, producer of Hawaiian Kanpachi.

Join us as Dave muses on about helping change the viewpoint of farm raised Salmon among chefs, switching gears to a different species in Hawaii, and the experience he attained by working for brands such as Red Bull and Stella Artois.  Dave has a great story of the hardships and successes of the sustainable aquaculture industry today.

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Episode 008 – Fish & Brits in Baltimore

Award winning Executive Chef Mark Levy has cooked all over the world from Britain and France to his acclaimed Baltimore restaurant, Magdalena in the Ivy Hotel.  Right before the 4th of July, Chef Levy stopped by with Chef Scott Bacon, also of Magdalena to discuss their seafood-heavy menu and “Fish Unknown,” which is a global movement to give attention to lesser known species.  The stories veer into Dominican Republic cigars, entertaining U2’s Bono (and his kids) and how they first became Samuels customers.  You’ll also learn about the care they put into each seafood dish that has made Magdalena “the jewel of Baltimore.”

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Episode 007 – The Shrimp King Comes to Philly

This week on Monger, Bill hosts one of the country’s biggest importer and exporter of seafood.  Marty Mazzetta of Mazzetta Company discusses his company’s brand new product, Oishii Shrimp. While sharing stories of this great tasting Shrimp with Mazzetta, we are joined with Chef Mike Cisternino of Mazzetta Company and Samuels’ very own, Joe Lasprogata.

Marty and Mike discuss the work and inspiration behind one of the most innovative Shrimp products to date. Oishii Shrimp go from swimming to frozen within four hours and unlike most Shrimp, Oishii are harvested live.  Meanwhile, Marty and Joe speak about the 30 year history between Samuels and Mazzetta, and how much has changed in the seafood industry.  Marty also shares a touching story about how 9/11 affected seafood importing/exporting.

Oishii Shrimp range from U/10 to 16/20 count and are now available at Samuels Seafood.
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006-Making Seafood Sustainable

“If you’re getting Salmon from Samuels and Son Seafood, there’s a very good chance it’s BAP certified.”

This week, Bill hosts Shaun O’Loughlin and Justin Grant from Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), one of the most influential non-governmental organizations dedicated to sustainable aquaculture.  They are joined by Denise Gurshin of Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP). The team discuss the many products they certify around the world, their new podcast, Aquademia, and advancements made in fish farming.  Featuring Samuels special guest, Joe Lasprogata.

Remember to listen to the GAA podcast, Aquademia, for enough sustainable seafood information to make you an expert.

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7.10.19 Episode 005 Young Guns in the Fish Biz

In this week’s seafood podcast, we circle back to recap the 2019 Seafood Expo North America in Boston.  It was a really exciting whirlwind of a show, especially considering we started this podcast there.  So this is an interesting interview that took place right after the show back in Philly.

Some of our best young guns sit down with seasoned fishmonger (and podcaster), Anthony D’Angelo, while he serves as guest host.  The trio discuss everything exciting that happened this year.  (Hint, do you know what an isopod is?) Along some of the hot topics; What is seafood sustainability? What are chefs looking for?  And you’ll hear the exact moment when the show’s producer, Joe Mintzer, came up with the name “Monger” for this seafood podcast.

If you’re interested in hearing the first hand experiences of young fishmongers working with seafood wholesale, sustainable seafood and top chefs, you’ll love this week’s seafood podcast.

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Pictured below; Samuels Sales Agent, Maria Kanapi


Day 3 of the Boston Seafood Show, the last of the trilogy!

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This was a very special episode as it took place on the last day of the seafood expo.  Not only did we have conversations with our friends at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, but also the Marine Stewardship Council. These are two of the biggest groups in the world promoting responsible seafood.  We also had some fish farmers from Norway and Mauritius Islands discussing fish such as aquaculture raised Halibut, Red Drum and Dusky Kob.

And of course, we had the pleasure of hosting Sam D’ Angelo himself, founder and owner of Samuels.  He was joined by Marty Mazzetta of Mazzetta Seafood.  These two have been doing business selling and buying shrimp for decades.  I was literally jumping up and down when we nabbed this interview.  At the end, you get to hear a breakdown of the entire show.  But I’ll leave you guessing at how that goes.  This whole thing is very educational and fun.

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Day 2 of the Boston Seafood Show, Available Now!

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