Let Our Road Team Help Labor Day Prep – Market update 8.24

A Shore Thing, What We Know From the Road
Our Brand Ambassadors Kate and Summer offer unique, interesting samples and make sure everything runs smoothly. Recently, they have been spending the summer at Jersey shore points. While some businesses slow down for the hotter season, they certainly heat up for chefs down the shore. In preparation for the busy Labor Day weekend, we had Summer clue us in on how the busy shore chefs get things cooking in the kitchen and how you can too during a big weekend.
Summer says that chefs are taking full advantage of great prices and availability on items like Nordic Plaice. She also shares a few chefs that use it as an alternative to Fluke. “Fluke prices have been a bit higher and it’s a great alternative. We have a good supply of Nordic Plaice and the affordable pricing is consistent,” she says.
She also advised to keep an eye on the classics. “I would say Chilean Sea Bass is always great. I sampled it before and a few restaurants reported it sells fast on their menu. We have 2-4 oz frozen portions on sale in August and will run another value added option in September. Don’t forget about Wild Alaska Salmon! Coho, King, Sockeye – Salmon is a fan fave on everyone’s menu and the possibilities are endless. The season will wind down soon too, so it’s great to take advantage now.” She also noted that “we have beautiful Albacore Tuna coming in right now too. Which is another favorite of ours.”
Summer also suggested a few options to mix things up! “I would recommend Open Blue Cobia because I haven’t met a chef or customer who doesn’t like it! It has so many fun possibilities that people will fall in love with.” Cobia is versatile with amazing flavor – meaty, sweet, and just unbeatable, especially on the grill or served as a crudo. What else? “Barramundi, it’s my all-time favorite because it’s thicker skin gets super crispy. It’s a mild, buttery fish that tastes great in raw applications too.” “Another trend I saw was affordable fish n’ chip options such as Pollock and Cod Loins,” she adds.
Be on the look out for our Brand Ambassadors, they bring samples of the most tasty options for your menu. They even take requests! Summer shared that “Chef’s love trying new and exotic things. One time I brought Caribbean Red Cod and chefs were interested because some have never heard of it before! The one thing chefs get very excited over is exotic Mushrooms! I shared samples of Morel, Maitake, and Lobster Mushrooms, some of my personal favorites, and they were all very well received.”
Stay tuned next week our original Brand Ambassador, Kate, gives us her recommendations for Fall menus.
Latest Wild Updates 
Fluke & More– Rhode Island Fluke quota has increased to 100 lbs per day increasing the availability of this fish.  The quota increase goes into effect on August 27th, and we’ll see what the week brings.  We also have great Black Sea Bass, Wild Striped Bass, Porgies, Squid, Tilefish and other local favorites.
Lobsters-While Maine is still primarily producing firm shell Lobsters, hard shell catch is limited.  Conditions should improve eventually when Canada fishing areas open later in the fall.  Lobster Tails in general are very limited due to a poor catch season.
Halibut-What a time to enjoy Norwegian Sea Raised Halibut!  Crudo quality and consistent.  This is a great item while Wild Halibut catch is down on the West Coast and other East Coast fishing regions are closed.
Tuna & Swordfish– Poor weather off many Tuna producing Asian countries along with limited local catch has kept Tuna prices high everywhere.  In addition, we’re still waiting for Grand Banks fishermen to really start landing Swordfish so we can get them to you.  Stay tuned, it should be soon!