King Salmon by Ora King

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Common Names: King Salmon, Chinook, Spring Salmon



Year Round Availability


Sustainable Farmed Raised, Malborough Sound, New Zealand


Whole Fish
Hand Carved Half Side Fillets
Cut to Size Portions


Fresh, oily flavor with medium texture and medium flake. High fat content. Raw fish comes in with a bright to opaque orange and cooks up orange.


Grilling, Roasting, Broiling, Pan Searing, Frying, Steaming, Poaching, Smoking, Ceviche, Crudo.


Ora = Fresh, Alive, Well-Being!


Ora King has the highest oil content of all salmon species. The “wagyu of salmon” – the result of a “Best of Breed” husbandry program over seven generations

Sustainably farmed – GMO free freed, no antibiotics, no vaccines, no chemicals

A concerted effort to minimize stress throughout the life-cycle and an Ike Jime based harvesting technique results in consistently high quality taste and

King salmon eggs destined to produce Ōra King salmon are nurtured in the crystal clear waters flowing from the Te Waikoropupu Springs near Golden Bay. The waters of this region have been verified as the clearest waters in the world, an ideal beginning to the life cycle for Ōra King salmon.

The highly prized King salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) is itself a rare luxury, making up less than one percent of the world’s salmon population. It has the highest natural oil content of all salmon species, giving it a luscious, elegant texture and a rich taste; as well as providing an excellent source of Omega-3.

Ōra King is the culmination of a classical breeding program that has spanned nearly two decades and is designed to yield only the highest quality King salmon with the most appealing taste, texture and color. Through discriminating breeding, responsible husbandry, selective grading and careful handling, The New Zealand King Salmon Company allows only the finest-quality King salmon to be labeled Ōra King—those that best represent the superior culinary attributes of this unique breed.

A Quality at the Source philosophy is the foundation for handling each Ōra King salmon. The salmon are nurtured throughout their lifecycle, minimizing stress and fatigue, and are humanely harvested using a percussive stunning method based on the traditional Japanese Ike Jime technique. These efforts to reduce stress result in a minimum release of lactic acid, which along with rapid chilling help ensure a desirable texture.

Post harvest, highly trained staff prepare the salmon for dispatch to the customer. After an initial size grading immediately after harvest, the salmon are delivered to the factory where each salmon is individually handled to remove the gills, followed by thorough removal of the viscera and kidney line and careful cleaning to remove residue. Master Graders, dedicated to Ōra King, then review each salmon against standards for size, colour and quality. Once approved, an individually numbered Ōra King gill tag is attached to allow for authenticity of origin and traceability for customers. Following a final review by the Master Grader, the salmon are packed into the newly designed Ōra King carton, a recyclable, insulated container, ensuring delivery in optimum condition to customers around the world.