Samuels Seafood History


1895Gaetano Darigo makes his living as a commercial fisherman in Sicily.

1919Guiseppe Ippolito comes to America and marry’s Gaetano’s daughter.

1929 – Guiseppe partners with his father-in-law in his growing seafood business.

1934 – Gaetano retires leaving Guiseppe in charge. Horsedrawn wagons replace pushcarts expanding their marketplace.

1945 – Guiseppe opens his first fresh seafood market in Philadelphia and names it “Ippolito’s”

1950 – Guisseppe’s daughter Rose D’Angelo, expands the store and continues to grow the family business.

1966 – Guiseppe brings his ten year old grandson, Samuel D’Angelo to work in the fish market.

1970 – Learning the business from his mother, Sam is already a buyer in Philadelphia.

1974 – Sam takes over the reins from his grandfather and expands the original store.

1987 – Ippolito’s opens a second location in Philadelphia.

1989 – Samuels and Son Seafood is born, focusing on the commercial and wholesale seafood market.

1989– To underscore the premium quality of Samuels products, marine biologist, Joe Lasprogata joins the company’s senior staff.

1991 – Samuels expands it’s product line by bringing in Gulf and Pacific Coast products via express air cargo.

1993 – Acquisition of Huff Fish Co. increases production capacity to efficiently serve large commercial customers.

1994 – Samuels purchases Coastal Seafood overhauling the cutting facililties and freezer storage to meet rigid quality standards.

2000 – Samuels unveil their new logo and begins custom product lines, ” Lauren Bay” and “Aunt Connie’s famous”

2001 – Samuels adds a full range of fresh sushi products to serve the growing Asian and Speciality markets.

2003 – Website launched to improve customer interaction, notification and ordering nationwide.

2004 – Sam’s children, Anthony, Sam and Lauren join the company’s sales and buying team.

2006 – Services expands to Pittsburgh.

2007 – Offering overnight delivery service nationwide.

2007 – Sammy Brown heads retail division.

2009 – New 60,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility opens at Lawrence St.

2011 – Service expands west to Las Vegas establishing a west coast market.

2013 – Sam’s youngest daughter, Donna joins the family business.


“At Samuels & Son Seafood, we’ve built a 100- year tradition bringing superb seafood to market. I would like to personally welcome you to the next hundred years”

– Sam D’Angelo, Owner