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Ozone Water Sanitation System

Ozone water sanitation is one of nature’s most powerful sanitizers. Ozone is an organic sanitizing technology that has been safely used for years at municipal water facilities and bottled water plants.  Samuels and Son Seafood uses this “green” technology, ozone infused  water, as a 100%  organic way to clean, sanitize, and replace conventional chemical-based methods.

Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule consisting of 3 oxygen atoms: O3.  Just like during an electrical thunderstorm, ambient air and a small amount of electricity generates O3 onsite.

  1. Filter air to create pure oxygen (O2).
  2. Pass pure oxygen gas through a high voltage corona, similar to lightening, causing oxygen molecules to break into individual atoms (O1).
  3. Individual atoms (O1) bond with oxygen molecules (O2) to create ozone (O3).
  4. O3 is injected into low pressure cold water and distributed via PVC or stainless steal piping for sanitization use throughout the facility.


Benefits of Ozone:

  • Most powerful broad spectrum microbiological control agent available
  • 51% more powerful at killing bacteria than chlorine
  • Kills bacteria 3,100 times faster than chlorine
  • Virtually eliminates chemical use in plant
  • Chemical free—No toxic by-products
  • FDA approved for direct food contact
  • Extremely effective disinfectant at very low concentrations
  • Eliminates use of hot water and conventional sanitizers
  • Environmentally friendly—Only by-product is naturally beneficial oxygen
  • Generated onsite—Eliminates hazardous material transportation &  storage
  • Dissipates in minutes leaving only clean water behind
  • Very inexpensive to produce
  • Safer for employees than conventional chemical sanitization
  • Extends shelf life of product
  • Permits recycling of waste water
  • Reduces biological oxygen demand (BOD)


Ozone oxidizes organic material at a rate 3,100 times that of chlorine. Ozone kills bacteria and other harmful organisms while continuously disinfecting surfaces and tools during production. The results reduce cross contamination and control biofilm build up.  The same oxidization process that kills bacteria also breaks the bond between soils and product contact surfaces, allowing for longer sanitized production hours.  No harsh chemicals or time consuming steps are needed to sanitize and clean.  Ozone sanitation is an environmentally friendly production tool that improves product quality with cost savings.

  • 60% increase in seafood shelf life
  • 70% reduction in cross contamination
  • 51% reduction in environmental micro
  • 85% reduction in hot water consumption
  • 85% reduction in chemical sanitizers
  • 50% reduction in sanitization labor
  • 45% reduction in sanitization time



Government Approvals