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Samuels Chef Series


Our “Samuels Chef Series” events are held throughout the year and are designed to give customers an insider look at some of the new and exciting products available. These events bring together notable chefs from around the country to sample original dishes by Samuels executive chef, Anne Coll, as well as prominent guest chefs.

When chefs come to visit the Samuels taste kitchen, they have the opportunity to mingle with colleagues, sip on cocktails, and learn more about the products through cooking demonstrations and discussions led by industry experts. Whether it’s a small intimate dinner or a larger social event, each experience is sure to be fun and educational.

Please contact your sales representative to ask about our next event!

Upcoming Events 2019

*Must be an invited guest or valid Northeast Samuels and Son Customer to attend. 


March: SENA Seafood Expo North America

June:  Philadelphia Beer Week, Oyster Cult Day

October: Chefs Night Out – Stay tuned for day and place!

November:  Celebrate a Pescatarian Thanksgiving – Fin Fish and Shellfish for the Thanksgiving Holiday

December: Seven Fishes of the Holiday Sea-son