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Litopenaeus setiferus

Common Names: White Shrimp, Gray Shrimp, Green Tailed Shrimp, Blue Tailed Shrimp, Daytona Shrimp, Southern Shrimp



Year Round


Trawl, Dredge; USA


20/1# units available in:


Mild, clean flavor with firm texture and small flake. Low fat content. Raw shrimp are light brown to grey and cook up with a bright red exterior and white interior.


Grilling, Roasting, Broiling, Pan Searing, Frying, Steaming, Poaching, Smoking, Ceviche.


Premium quality Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp is our only
business—and our true passion.
Paul Piazza Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp is recognized nationwide
for its exceptional quality and incredible flavor.
Our wild White and Brown Shrimp is landed by our committed
boats, guaranteeing that we’re involved in the shrimp
sourcing process every step of the way—from the catch to
the customer. We then process our Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp
in our pristine USDC plants and deliver it fresh-frozen
directly to your door.
This vertical integration ensures a consistent level of quality,
food safety and competitive pricing that other companies
cannot match. Our brands have redefined industry
standards for accurate weights, counts, uniformity and
overall product integrity.
We’re Committed to Being Your Most Reliable Partner
Paul Piazza processes and delivers over 20 million pounds of
great-tasting, premium Wild Caught Gulf shrimp annually.
Our national distribution system guarantees that a steady
supply of our premium shrimp is available to our vast US
consumer base throughout the year.

Building Relationships That Pass the Test of Time
Since 1892, our deliciously premium shrimp, steadfast integrity
and commitment to customer service have helped us
grow from a local—and then regional—supplier into one of
the largest suppliers of Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp with
national distribution.
We believe in standing behind our products. Our 100%
satisfaction guarantee is the key to forming the lasting,
mutually dependent relationships that turn customers into
long-term partners and ensures solid business growth.
We will continue to expand our business and help our
partners grow by supplying remarkably flavorful, premium
quality shrimp and exceptional value from our family owned
A Sustainable Future
We share our customers’ concerns for food safety and longterm
environmental sustainability.
The sustainability and preservation of the Wild Caught Gulf
Shrimp industry and the way of life that it represents is our
past and our future. We are 100% a product of the USA and
are committed to supporting sustainability initiatives
throughout the entire supply chain—from the fishery to the
processing facility through distribution and to our nation’s
We’re currently working with the Louisiana Department of
Wildlife & Fisheries and the Audubon Nature Institute to
ensure sustainable fishery certification and the preservation
of the Gulf of Mexico as our nation’s largest supplier of Wild
Caught Gulf Shrimp.