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Market Update 9.28

Market Update, September 28th– October 4th, 2018

Make it Maine – There is a great deal of pride and history associated with fresh Maine Lobsters. The words Maine and Lobster have become synonymous – just hearing those words put together make our mouths water for those sweet as candy treats. We are proud to be partnering with a premium, family-owned and operated fishery to get you the highest quality Lobsters straight from the Gulf of Maine. Our Lobstermen are on the docks harvesting daily – one trap, one Lobster at a time to make sure you get the freshest Lobster possible. Our premium Lobsters are all handled at the perfect temperature and with the utmost care from the sea, to Samuels, to you. This is the perfect time to look to Maine, because the harvest is bountiful and the Lobsters are at their peak of flavor! The slightly warmer weather causes the Lobsters to grow faster and bigger. During this process, ocean brine sits between the meat and shell and acts as a marinade! (Please keep in mind that that this time of year, Maine Lobsters are extremely delicate and you could possibly find some sleepy ones. Please be gentle, all sales are final.)  If you are looking for the softest, sweetest, and most succulent Lobster available.  Available in 20lb cases. Only 5.99/lb all month for Samuels customers.  Ask for Maine.


Stone Crab Sneak Peek – While the Florida Stone Crab season doesn’t start until the 15th , The Pacific, or Baja, Stone Crab is giving us the most delicious sneak peek to the sweet and meaty delicacy! Named the Stone Crab after it’s hard as a rock shell, this crustacean may be the most coveted in the sea. The claws are hearty and unlike anything else you’ve eaten before!  We have medium, large, and jumbo Claws as well as fresh picked Claw Meat!


Bronzino, The Other Sea Bass – Greek Bronzino is a great option this month while aquaculture Striped Bass is limited. The smaller sizes of Striped Bass are less available in their aquaculture ponds, which puts demand on the bigger fish, making the availability decrease across the board. The good news is that Bronzino, sold by the 22lb case, is on sale for 3.99 for the whole month of October! This Sea Bass relative is a similar size, bone structure, and flake with a very succulent and mild, sweet taste. As for farm raised Striped Bass, speak with your sales agent as they can keep you supplied best as possible.


Black Sea Bass & More East Coast Favorite Fish-With the Rhode Island Black Sea Bass season closing on October 3rd for the remainder of the month, we may see a decrease in availability as the week progresses.  We hope North Carolina and New Jersey fishermen will keep us supplied, your sales agent will have the latest if fish are limited. While prices are still somewhat high, New York & Massachusetts Wild Striped Bass along with North Carolina & Rhode Island Fluke are great options this week.  You can also stay local with New Jersey Tilefish, Monkfish, Skate, Mahi, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and Red Snapper as we’re reeling them in.


Oyster Updates-Heavy rain along the New York and Connecticut shores have limited Bluepoint, Naked Cowboy and Hummock Island Oyster availability.  Due to Oyster bed closures, speak with your sales agent regarding the latest.  One of the greatest things about Oysters is that there are so many great options from which to choose.  If you like brine, try Ship Wreck Selects from Prince Edward Island, if you like something special…try our October Oyster Special on Scarecrow Oysters from Massachusetts, ideal for Halloween happy Oyster lovers.  We will also be bringing in a limited amount of Pink Ribbon Oysters with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research.  Pink Ribbon Oysters are limited so please speak ahead of time with your sales agent.


Salmon Update– Chilean Salmon is back on track after the country celebrated their independence day.  And if you like to enjoy some truly delicious Canadian Salmon, True North Salmon is the featured product this month and covered in the Fish Tales Magazine.  With True North, you receive delicious, versatile to cook with, strong and healthy Atlantic Salmon from the cold waters of Canada to your plate one day faster and one day fresher. Just ask us about getting you the best Canadian True North Salmon.