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Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air which means Oysters, Caviar and other premium seafood items must be on your menu!

Samuels has an extensive list of Oysters with great flavors and perfect names for Valentine’s Day. French Kiss Oysters are a brand new Canadian Oyster from Neguac, New Brunswick with a plump meat in a deep cup with a mildly sweet finish that leaves diners wanting more. Another New Oyster on the Samuels roster is Buttercup Oysters. These domestic Oysters from Maryland have a buttery flavor with a plump and firm meat. Some couples will be looking for excitement on Valentine’s Day, and we have the Oysters for them. Naked Cowboy’s from Long Island Sound have a strong mineral flavor and plump meat, and Nauti Pilgrim Oysters from Plymouth, Mass. have a distinct, sweet and briny flavor. We cant forget about Sex on the Bay Oysters for the thrill seeking couple. These tasty Oysters have a deep cup and medium salinity with a savory finish.

Lobster Tails are a quintessential Valentine’s Day menu item, and Samuels has an amazing selection to choose from. Premium Colombian Lobster Tails have a great flavor and perfect appearance. Sold frozen, they can be easily stored in your freezer until they are ready to use.

Valentine’s Day is the time to over indulge, and customers are sure to expect exceptional Caviar on the Menu. Samuels and Son offers sensational Canterbury Cure Caviars including Royale Grade California Sturgeon Caviar and Premium Paddlefish Caviar. Made from California Sturgeon farmed in pristine waters, Canterbury Cure Sturgeon Caviar has a great flavor, impeccable texture and beautiful appearance. Premium Paddlefish Caviar, is made from wild-caught Paddlefish from the Mississippi River. The bright glossy color, fresh ocean scent and perfectly sized eggs make it a wonderful option for Valentines Day menus.

Edible Bell Roses are a must-have for Valentine’s Day. Sold in packs of 20, these little treats work perfectly as garnishes on all plates or as a special treat for dessert.

Be sure to get your orders for Valentine’s Day in as early as possible!