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Oreochromis spp., Sarotherodon spp., Tilapia spp.

Common Names: Tilapia, Saint Peters Fish



Year Round Availability


Sustainable, Farmed Raised in Mexico, Honduras and Indonesia


Hand Carved Half Side Fillets
Cut to Size Portions


Mild, fresh flavor with a medium-firm texture and medium flake. Low fat content. Raw fish comes in with a light pink/opaque white color and cooks up white.


Roasting, Broiling, Pan Searing, Frying, Steaming, Poaching, Ceviche.


Beautiful. There’s no other way to describe our fish—as well as where and how we raise them. They grow healthy and strong in beautiful, blue deep-water reservoirs.

• We use floating cages in deep fresh-water reservoirs.
• We feed our fish high-quality cereals and grains.
• We conduct extensive water monitoring via our on-site water quality labs.
• Our tilapia contain no mercury or other contaminants.
• We measure up to the world’s top standards.

Healthy fish start with healthy people. When the people who bring you Regal Springs Tilapia are healthy, happy and successful, working in strong and sustainable communities, the fish they produce for you are the best in the world.

• We provide education for children and adults.
• We support families with strong wages and benefits.
• We support infrastructure, entrepreneurship and culture. We maintain and improve the environment at every step in our operation. It’s the right thing to do—and our business depends on it.

• We see aquaculture as part of the solution for feeding a growing world.
• We’re a fish company that talks a lot about preserving the land.
• We focus on protecting the water too.
• We use all of our fish in environmentally sensitive ways.

Our goal is to provide you the best tilapia in the world, but also to share a message of stewardship and sustainability to generate informed thinking about our food, our environment and our role in balancing those resources.

Aquaculture Stewardship Council
• British Retail Council
• Global Aquaculture Alliance/Best Aquaculture Practices
• Surefish/Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point food
safety system
• U.S. Food and Drug Administration