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Salmo salar

Common Names: Salmon, Atlantic Salmon



Year Round Availability


Sustainable Farmed, Gulf of Maine and Canada


Whole Fish
Hand Carved Half Side Fillets
Cut to Size Portions


Mild, oily flavor with medium texture and medium flake. High fat content. Raw fish comes in light orange and cooks up light pink.


Grilling, Roasting, Broiling, Pan Searing, Frying, Steaming, Poaching, Smoking, Ceviche, Crudo.


The key to truly fresher, better tasting salmon is to buy locally produced salmon. True North Brand Salmon is natural North Atlantic salmon from Maine and Canada’s east coast. True North Salmon is up to a week fresher than any other salmon, which may have traveled thousands of miles from countries like Norway, Scotland and Chile to arrive at your table.

Closer is also a more environmentally friendly choice. Being thousands of miles closer also means that True North salmon leaves a smaller carbon footprint, and that’s good for all of us.

True North Atlantic Salmon is harvested daily

True North salmon is fresher because they “harvest to order.” This means the fish are swimming in the cold, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean right up until the moment your order is placed. True North also harvests, processes and ships fresh Atlantic salmon daily, ensuring a steady and fresh supply all year long.

True North is committed to salmon sustainability and conservation.

At True North Salmon, protecting the ocean has always been essential to our business. We understand that feeding future generations depends on what we do today, and we are dedicated to our role as environmental stewards.

We conduct our business in a sustainable manner because we are rooted in the coastal communities where we live and work. By preserving the quality of our waters, not only will we be able to sustain our coastal way of life for generations to come, but we will be ensuring a long-term supply of nutritious seafood well into the future.

“True North Salmon is very proud to offer product from Best Aquaculture Practices-certified facilities.” The BAP certification promotes responsible practices across the aquaculture industry, the Global Aquaculture Alliance coordinates the development of Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification standards for hatcheries, farms, processing facilities and feed mills.