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Common Names: Anchovies, Marinated Anchovies



• Year Round


• Caught off the coast of Turkey and Greece


1 kg unit
200g unit


Oily, fresh flavor with medium texture and fine flake. High fat content.


Ready to serve.


Our Marinated Anchovy fillets are delicately marinated in oil, chilies or garlic to accommodate a range of flavors for everyone’s desired tastes. Our anchovies produce a flavor and softness that makes them melt in your mouth. This is only achieved by not adding preservatives, additives or any coloring agents to any products. We only use traditional methods to preserve this wonderful fish.

Fruits DeMer specializes in Marinated Seafood products. Most people think of the brown, salty fish when they hear the word “Anchovy” but our marinated White Anchovies have no resemblance to the classic Anchovy other than the name.

Our fish are caught off the coast of Turkey and Greece where they are immediately frozen to prevent bleeding. After they have been transported to our brand new, HACCP approved factory, they are then naturally defrosted in cool water and gutted and filleted by hand, due to the delicate size of the little fish.

They are next marinated using an age-old Mediterranean tradition of soaking them for approximately 14 hours in lemon juice and vinegar. This process causes the fish to cook without heat so that when they are removed from the marinade, they are a beautiful white color. They are then dried using centrifugal force and arranged in plastic tubs, covered in sunflower oil,
spices and garlic, sealed for freshness.

The incredible thing about our products, other than the taste and health benefits, is that they are so versatile. Chefs can use them as ingredients in salads or entrees, or can immediately serve them as an appetizer or side dish. The average retail consumer may also purchase them for home use as we sell 200g retail packs, beautifully labeled and a perfect portion for two.

Health wise, anchovies are actually one of the best seafood products you can eat. They are very high in Omega 3 fatty acids and Selenium which has recently been proven to combat the effects of Mercury, (allowing pregnant and nursing women to eat seafood) They are low in calories and contain no trans-fats making them the perfect ingredient for any dish. Their taste is incomparable as the marinating process causes them to just melt in your mouth, convincing even the most adamant non-anchovy lover that they are good!

Marinated White Anchovies