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Canterbury Cure Premium Smoked Salmon and Paddlefish Caviar



The search for Smoked Salmon that is not overpowering with smokiness or lacking silky texture is as difficult to find as Caviar with a perfect glossy color and light salt taste. The good news is, the search for these incredible items ends at Canterbury Cure.

All-natural Canterbury Cure Smoked Salmon is dedicated to providing the most outstanding Smoked Salmon on the market. Made from premium Scottish Salmon, Canterbury Cure Smoked Salmon has a light and buttery texture with a delicate smoke flavor. Cold smoked in the traditional Scottish style, Canterbury Cure Salmon is smoked with kosher salt and high-quality fruit wood at 70 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure an elegant, silky texture. All Canterbury Cure Smoked Salmon is prepared weekly in small, artisanal batches, and is sliced by hand. Never frozen, Canterbury Cure is handled fresh from catch to plate.

Canterbury Cure takes the same pride in their premium Caviar as they do in their Smoked Salmon.


CC Caviar


With a bright, glossy color, fresh scent, uniformly sized eggs and lightly salty flavor, Canterbury Cure Premium Paddlefish Caviar is exactly what premium Caviar should be. Made from wild caught Paddlefish, Canterbury Cure maintains a close relationship with their fishermen to ensure the Caviar is of the highest quality. Every fish shipment is graded as it arrives, so only the finest quality Caviar reaches the market, thus ensuring customers have incredible Caviar with endless uses.