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Featured Special: Tristan Lobster Tails

Tristan Lobster Tails are often referred to as the best Lobster Tails in the world. Caught in cold waters, Tristan Tails are frozen at their peak freshness and individually wrapped to ensure top quality. They boast a truly superior taste and appear on premium restaurant menus across the world. Additionally, Tristan Lobster Tails are MSC Certified, meaning that they are a sustainable option for your menu.

Tristan Tails have a sweet, clean flavor with a firm texture, small flake, and low fat content. The raw flesh comes in pink and translucent while shells are light green to amber. Shells cook up bright red and flesh turns white.

Tristan Tails are brought to you from one of the most isolated islands on the planet, giving your customers the chance to try a truly unique option. Occurring only around the virtually inaccessible Central South Atlantic islands of Tristan da Cunha, Nightingale, Gough Island and Vema Seamount, Tristan Lobster tails have a perfect, natural flavor that starts with their pure, clean environment. This is because the volcanic islands rise from abyssal depths to the surface, thus separating the benthic (lower sea level) wild population and oceanic sediment associated with each island. The process also allows the Tristan Tails more time to grow full and dense meats. The species occurs on rocky substrata from the shore down to approximately 200 m depth that separates this species from civilization in a somewhat private oasis. Try the mild, delicious flavor of Tristan tails today, to have your taste buds transported their own oasis as well!

Tristan Tails are on special for the month of July for $33.50/lb. Sold in frozen 10 lb cases, each Tail is 3.5-4 oz, making them the perfect option for Surf N’ Turf this Summer. Call your Samuels Agent today or come to Giuseppe’s Market to place an order.