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Product Highlight: Specialty Dry Goods

Samuels Seafood provides you with the best premium Seafood, and we also offer you a full range of dry goods with a few items on special for the month of July.

Here are two items that are perfect for Casual Dining, Gastro Pubs and Asian Fusion Restaurants: Gourmet Japanese Dressing and Super Crispy Tempura Batter Mix. And it just so happens that both items pair very well together. Japanese Dressing features a soy sauce base with a hint of wasabi, and is an excellent choice for salads, makes a delicious dipping sauce, and is great for marinades. It’s even a popular choice for topping raw Oysters, which are always available at Samuels. Really, it’s a great option for any Seafood of your choosing, and is of course cost-effective and convenient.

The Super Crispy Tempura Batter Mix provides you with a shortcut to battering seafood for an easy and quick Tempura. This time of year, it’s perfect for battering Softshell Crabs, so make sure you’re speaking with your Samuels agent about availability! With all the great Tempura options available here every day (including Nobashi Ebi on special during July), Samuels is your one-stop-shop for your needs. You can also serve your Tempura dish with a side of Baby Shiitake Mushrooms from our Fresh Produce Selection for a quick and easy dish.

Gourmet Japanese Dressing, 60 fl oz bottle, $14.75/ea. Tempura Batter Mix, 6 x 3.3 lb case, $49.99/ea. Get them while you can because these prices won’t last forever!