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Join Chef Sylva Senat in C-CAP’s SWAP Meat for Alaska Seafood Demo

“When you take a fish and you treat it like a meat, there’s really unlimited possibilities to what someone can actually create,” says Chef Sylva Senat. The Top Chef contender and head-honcho of the kitchen at Maison 208 teamed up with Samuels and Son Seafood to pick up some Alaska Haddock and Rockfish for an event and demo through C-CAP, The Careers through Culinary Arts Program. Chef Sylva and C-CAP graduate Dominique Akers explored the Samuels facility and learned about the importance of sustainability and protecting our oceans for future generations. Samuels own Chef Davis Denick and Vice President and marine biologist Joe Lasprogata filled them in on the intricacies of sustainability and what we can do to be environmentally conscious about seafood. The group focused in on Alaska Seafood and how to swap some of their meat dishes on the menu with seafood from Alaska.

“Sustainability has always been important to the Alaskan people,” says Lasprogata. “Sustainability has been built into their state constitution to make sure we take care of these natural resources so they’ll be around for years to come.” With seafood being such a cornerstone to culture, economy, and the environment, it’s obvious that we need to pay closer attention to our impact on the world around us. With this understanding in mind, we can better enjoy our seafood in a sustainable way – one that doesn’t cause overfishing and other issues. The many species caught in Alaska are excellent choices for the conscientious chef, who not only wants to source responsibly, but also wants to add more seafood to the menu.