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Let’s Get Crackin’: Memorial Day Weekend 2016

The summer season officially kicks off this weekend and we could not be more thrilled. If you’re in the food industry, then we’re sure you’re either winding down from or gearing up for a busy and exciting Memorial Day Weekend. And if you do have the opportunity to relax this holiday, we hope there are live crabs involved, and maybe a few beers. Every spring, crab lovers rejoice when their favorite seafood item comes back into season and they can finally sit down to a newspaper covered table to enjoy a messy meal of steamed crabs. There isn’t anything quite as satisfying as prying open a cooked crab and revealing its sweet, tasty meat. This week we interview our very own live crab extraordinaire, Johnny Crabs, to learn more about the lives of these critters. Take a look and talk to your rep about getting your hands on some this summer!