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Market Update 9.15

Hurricane Florence
With 100 mile per hour winds and catastrophic flooding, Hurricane Florence is making an impact on the Carolina’s already.  Our thoughts go out to everyone being affected.  In the meantime, there may be some effects seen on the seafood industry next week.  After a period of fishermen staying in and farmers not harvesting, fish and shellfish such as southern Oysters, Clams, Crabs and Fluke may experience a decreased availability.  While Samuels is prepared right now for you, it’s hard to say how the upcoming week will go, so please stay updated with your Sales Agent on the latest so you can also be prepared.
D.C. Star Status 
We congratulate all our amazing restaurants in D.C. that have received Michelin star status! Bresca, Fiola, Kinship,  Komi, Masseria, Rose’s, Luxury, Siren by RW, Sushi Taro, and Tail up Goat. We would also like to give a special congratulations to Minibar by Jose Andres, and Pineapple and Pearls for qualifying as  two star restaurants! We are honored to serve some of the most amazing chefs in the industry. We strive to always provide the freshest and highest quality products but it takes a chef’s mastery, cooking techniques, and creativity that makes a “star-studded” dining experience. You should be proud to receive such a coveted status.
Salmon Reminder 
Chile will be celebrating their independence day (Fiestas Patrias)between September 17th -21 st . This 3 day celebration includes  Chilean rodeo, dancing, and barbecue! This is a happy time for Chile, but unfortunately that means many farmers will not be harvesting during this time and we will not be bringing in Chilean Salmon between the
21 st -26 th , this will decrease availability of this fish. In effect, Canadian Salmon will also be in high demand.  We expect both markets to return to normal at the end of September, but in the meantime, we still do have the highest quality Atlantic Salmon available for you.
The Bold New Belon 
The Caviar of Oysters is here! The season for Belons, accurately known as the “European Flat Oyster,” is open and we are proud to offer you this unique delicacy. This is such a delicious Oyster that it was transplanted almost a century ago and is now painstakingly grown and hand-picked in Maine. That’s right! Hand-picked – Belons grow on hard, rocky areas on the bottom of the river and have to be hand harvested by divers. This makes them a rare delight!
  This wild French Oyster is a completely different species (Ostrea edulis) with a bold and totally new look and taste to impress your guests. This bivalve is somewhat reminiscent of a Scallop’s Shell. The shell shape makes the Oyster eating experience even more intriguing when served on a half shell Belons are prized for their plump meats with a crisp bite and their pronounced flavor. Far less briny than Eastern Oysters, Belons are mildly sweet and tannic with notes of anchovy and a copper finish . Ask your Samuels Agent, these treats are available upon pre order.
Black Sea Bass & More 
Now that the Massachusetts Black Sea Bass season ended, we are hoping Rhode Island fishermen can make it out in time to catch some beauties.  If weather keeps them docked, Black Bass may be limited.  We also have other local favorites including Nova Scotia Halibut, Wild Striped Bass, Monkfish, Skate, Squid, Red Snapper, Bluefish, and more.
Wild Wild West Salmon 
We have awesome Wild Columbia River King Salmon available, grab them quick because this season is coming to a close.  We are also expecting terrific quality Wild Canada Sockeye and Coho Salmon ready for your guests this week.
Juicy Japanese Citrus 
Yuzu and Sudachi fruits are is season and in stock! Yuzu is a tart treat has a flavor profile reminiscence to grapefruit with overtones of  mandarin orange .  Used as zest or garnish is creates a wonderful citrus twist and aromatic to any of your dishes especially seafood. And if lime is your main squeeze, shake things up with Sudachi. This sour citrus is a mix of Yuzu, lime, orange, and other fun citrus flavors.