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Market Update 9.7.18

Salmon Update
We recommend speaking with your sales agent regarding Chilean and Canadian Atlantic Salmon.
Chile will be celebrating its Independence Day on September 18th.  Many farmers and suppliers will not be harvesting fish during the holiday or the week after.  Please prepare ahead of schedule, as Chilean Salmon will be very limited during this time.  We are expecting the market to return back to normal by the end of September.  In addition, Canadian Salmon farmers are reporting decreased availability with less fish ready to harvest.  While fish may be limited, we will still have the freshest, True North Canadian Salmon available.  This is also a good time to explore other options as Wild Salmon season is coming to a close.  Here are a few outstanding Salmon choices; Verlasso Salmon, Skuna Bay Salmon and Wild Isles Salmon.
The Little Shrimp with the Big Taste 
The tastiest little crustaceans in the sea, Florida Rock Shrimp, are back in action here at Samuels. That’s right! Rock Shrimp season has started. Rock Shrimp are bite sized (90/110) and delicious. Prized for their Lobster-like taste and texture, Rock Shrimp are succulent, rich, sweet, and buttery – so much big taste in a small size. Rock Shrimp are also great for pastas, curries, soups, salads, or even pizza toppings! There are so many possibilities. We love them simply steamed or broiled with a side of lemon because they are sweet like candy and highly addictive. Maybe that’s why they grow with such a hard “as a rock” shell? Luckily, we offer fresh and beautiful Rock Shrimp in gallon tubs that are already peeled and ready for your culinary needs. Try them out tonight!
Wild Seafood, Wild Weather 
We all love wild caught seafood, however, when in hurricane season, we always need to keep an eye on the forecast.  It’s too early to tell how much of an impact tropical storm Florence will have on the US east coast.  Even if the storm does not make land contact on the east coast, we can expect large swells and high winds keeping fisherman docked during the storm.  This may decrease the availability of many wild, east coast fish.  However we have plenty of options in stock and we’ll stay fully supplied, please stay in contact with your sales agent.
Wild Right Now 
A few excellent choices this week from the east coast include Nova Scotia Halibut, Maine Monkfish, Massachusetts Black Sea Bass & Skate, Rhode Island Porgies, Bluefish & Fluke and New Jersey Tilefish to name a few.
Off the New Jersey and Massachusetts coasts, Sea Scallop catch is tight with U/10 size Scallops in limited supply. This is generally the point of season when prices tend to tick upward.  If you want the best local Sea Scallops, we’re featuring Viking Village Scallops caught off the Jersey Shore with fishing vessels such as the “Captain John.”
Off the New Jersey and Massachusetts coasts, Sea Scallop catch has been providing less U/10 sizes. This is generally the point of season when prices tend to head upward. If you want the best, we’re featuring Viking Village, local Sea Scallops caught off fishing vessels including the “Captain John.”
Pumped for Pompano 
Florida Pompano is most often referred to as the best tasting fish in the sea! This amazing species is Trachinotus carolinus, and it’s called Florida Pompano where ever it’s caught. Our delicious Dyer Aqua Pompano is raised in the pristine Caribbean waters of Laguna de Chiriqui, Panama in open sea pens with the finest conditions. This ensures the finest taste and quality! You be hooked after one bite of this firm textured and full-bodied fish. Florida Pompano has a wonderful rich but mild flavor with a perfect oil, thanks to its mollusk based diet. Try the beautiful white meat filets or the pristine whole fish – great for grilling, baking, or steaming. On special in September, whole fish for $6.99/lb and fillets for $14.99/lb.