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Samuels and Son Seafood Welcomes the Harvest Select Catfish Mobile

Samuels and Son Seafood is excited to have the Harvest Select Catfish Mobile swimming to town on Wednesday, September 2nd to spread the word about high quality, sustainable Catfish.

Similar to the Oscar-Meyer Weiner Mobile, the stylish and fully operational vehicle has been retrofitted to bear a striking resemblance to a large catfish on wheels. The Catfish Mobile will be on display at Samuels and Son Seafood, located at 3400 S. Lawrence Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148. The Catfish Mobile will also make a stop at the Acme Supermarket located at 19th Street and Oregon Avenue in Philadelphia from 11am to 3pm where Chef Greg Mirigliani will be putting on cooking demonstration.

Harvest Select is an industry leader in sustainable catfish production. Founded in 1991 in Uniontown, Alabama, Harvest Select now has the capacity to produce 750,000 pounds of Catfish weekly. A pioneering brand, Harvest Select harvests their Catfish through cutting edge techniques that render tasty and beautiful fish. The high quality of the fish is inspiring high profile chefs to feature Catfish as a staple dish prepared in methods other than fried. Harvest Select also take measures to ensure their fish are raised in a sustainable manner without posing a threat to Mother Nature.

The Catfish mobile is an eye-catching tool that exemplifies Harvest Selects dedication to educating customers about Catfish while they work to quell the public myth that Catfish is only suitable for a Southern fish fry.