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The Papal Visit

As everyone knows, and many have been experiencing already, Pope Francis has made his way to the United States and will be coming to Philadelphia.

Samuels and Son Seafood will be open during the Papal visit with deliveries.

Please understand, due to the restrictions, along with road, exit, interstate and bridge closures some deliveries will be delayed or restricted in security zones. If you are in a closed security zone, please instruct your sales representative on specific delivery instructions immediately.

The Samuels pick-up area will be open with the best products available, during its regular hours to assist all customers.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us as we’d be happy to help!

Of course, when the Pope is in town, you wont want to miss out on some great menu items for the event! Sweet Jesus Oysters have an attention grabbing name, and feature a sweet meat in a deep cup. Holy Grail Oysters are sure to be another hit with a great, salty taste. Tilapia and John Dory are two delicious fish that are perfect for the occasion!

Speak to your sales rep to get your orders in!