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Love Uni? Good. We do too. We’ll send you a tray, you’ll send us a recipe, and the winner will get to enjoy a free dinner for two at a sushi restaurant in his or her city! Here’s how it works…

  1. Got an account with us? Send us an e-mail at marketing@samuelsandsonseafood.com with your name, business, address, and where you found out about the contest (Twitter, Facebook, Blog, or Instagram). We’ll make a special delivery of one Uni tray so you can start working on your recipe! Make sure to get your request in by FRIDAY, AUGUST 7TH.
  2. You’ll receive the Uni tray within a week of putting in your request.
  3. E-mail your recipe to us along with a photo, and make sure to tag us on social media if you post it online! Use the hashtag #SamuelsUniChallenge. Recipes must be sent in by MONDAY AUGUST 17TH.
  4. We’ll pick the winner shortly after based on the most unique, creative application as well as presentation. The winning recipe will be featured on social media, and we’ll set up a date for the winner’s sushi dinner!


*Uni cannot just be used as a garnish. It must be worked into the dish.

*Multiple entries from the same restaurant are allowed. We suggest having a little contest amongst yourselves : ).

*Must have an active account with us in order to participate.

*Recipe must be unique. It cannot be something currently on the menu.

*Have fun