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Where to Eat Oysters on National Oyster Day

Sunday August 5, is National Oyster Day! If want to go out and enjoy this day to the fullest – we highly recommend these places.


  1. Bait and Switch 


(Photo Credit Bait and Switch)

2. Olde Bar

(Photo Credit: Olde Bar)

3. Pistola’s Del Sur

(Photo Credit: Pistola’s Del Sur)

4. Fork

(Photo Credit: Fork)

5. Aquimero

(Photo Credit: Aqimero)

6. Ocean Prime

(Photo Credit: Ocean Prime)

7. Red Owl Tavern

(Photo Credit: Red Owl Tavern)

8. Talk 

(Photo Credit: Talk)

9. Barclay Prime

(Photo Credit: Talk)

10. Pinefish

(Photo Credit: Pinefish)

11. Stateside

(Photo Credit: Stateside)

12. Devon Seafood Grill

(Photo Credit: Devon Seafood Grill)

13. a.bar

(Photo Credit: a.bar)

Outside Philly

  1. Po Le Cucina 

(Photo Credit: Po Le Cucina)

2. Jules At Market


(Photo Credit: Jules at Market)


Shore Points

  1. The Establishment at 100 

(Photo Credit: The Establishment)

2. The Dock

(Photo Credit: The Dock)


  1. Merchant Oyster Company


(Photo Credit: Merchant Oyster Company)

2. Muddy Waters Oyster Bar

(Photo Credit: Muddy Waters Oyster Bar)


The House of William and Merry

(Photo Credit: The HOuse of William and Merry)


  1. Thames Street Oyster House

(Photo Credit: Thames Street Oyster House)

2. Loch Bar

(Photo Credit: Loch Bar)

3. PassionFish

(Photo Credit: PassionFish)



  1. Elle

(Photo Credit: Elle)

2. Hank’s Oyster Bar

(Photo Credit: Hank’s Oyster Bar)

3. Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crabs 

(Photo Credit: Joe’s Seafood)


The Red Square

(Photo Credit: The Red Square)