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A Dozen Oysters We’re In Love With

A Dozen Oysters to Try for National Oyster Day.


Here at Samuels, we’ve never met a bi-valve we didn’t like. Oysters have such vast and complex flavor profiles and we love them all for different reasons – Just like fine wines, you have to explore the “merrior” (that’s “terrior” for seafood) to see which style suits you best.  Now is the perfect time get in on the action, because Sunday, August 5th 2018 is National Oyster Day! Whether you are new to Oysters or a connoisseur, here are a dozen Oysters to slurp up this Sunday.


  1. Cape May Salts

Delaware Bay, New Jersey – Rack & Bag/ Off-Bottom Cages – Medium size

This New Jersey favorite is highly valued for quality and extra briny flavor. Hence the name, Cape May Salt – here we get that full ocean salinity from the cold parts of the Atlantic. The size and texture are also great for frying and grilling.


  1. Beau Soliel

Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick – Floating Trays – Small size

The popular New Brunswick Oyster has a light and refined flavor with both salty and sweet aspects and a hint of hazelnut. A very rich, high quality Oyster with large, firm meats.


  1. Raspberry Point

Prince Edward Island, Canada – Bottom Cultivation – Medium size

From the same growers of Lucky Lime, Raspberry Points are just as tempting as they sound. They have a dense meat and a mildly salty, yet very clean flavor, with a delightful sweet finish.


  1. Kumamoto

Deep Bay, British Columbia – Rack & Bag – Small size

A Japanese species brought to the U.S. in 1947, these Deep Bay babies are extremely deep cupped with a firm and smooth texture and a mild briny, mineral flavor. This complex flavor also boasts a hint of nuttiness and a sweet melon finish.


  1. Wianno

Cape Cod Bay – Rack & Bag – Large size

Boasting a deep cup, this Oyster has plump and succulent meats that are slightly sweet with a distinctive, earthy, briny flavor.


  1. Wellfleet


Wellfleet, MA, Rack & Bag, Large size

In the early 1800’s, native Wellfleet oysters were almost extinct, but thanks to what we now know as aquaculture, the species has rebounded. Now they are more plentiful than ever and known for succulence, high brine, and a clean, crisp finish.


  1. Kings Point

Chesapeake Bay, Bottom Cultivation, Extra-large size

Kings Point Oysters are exceptionally large and boast a buttery sweet salinity that finishes clean. The luscious clean water that drains into the bay compliments the salinity that everyone looks for in a Chesapeake Bay Oyster.


  1. Ship Wreck Select

PEI, Bottom Cultivation, Medium size

The name reminds us about the dangers growers risk on the rough waters to cultivate such a full bodied Oyster with perfect salinity and a sweet, creamy finish. One of Canada’s most prized oysters, a definite must-try.


  1. Grand Pearl

Saxis, Virginia, Floating Trays, Medium size

Becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, Grand Pearl Oysters have a mild briny flavor with a sweet, buttery finish. Because of the way they have been bred, they remain plump and fat all year round!


  1. Elder Point

Delaware Bay, NJ, Floating Trays, Medium size

This is definitely a full-flavored Oyster! There is a perfect balance of sweetness & brine in this deep cup. Elder Point also boasts a meaty flesh, velvety smooth texture, and a bold finish.


  1. Capital Oysters

Olympia, WA, Tide Tumbled, Medium size

Capital has perfected growing techniques to ensure maximum meat! This Oyster has a pure, sea salt flavor with a clean finish and virtually no grit.


  1. Holy Grail Oysters

Chesapeake Bay, MD, Suspension Tray, large size

Holy Grail Oysters are deep-cupped, full-bodied and very plump. The Chesapeake waters give them a clean, ocean profile, with a complex, sweet finish that makes them absolutely heavenly.