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Lates calcarifer



Year Round Availability


Grown in sea cages in the clear tropical waters in the Red Sea.


• Whole Fish
• Hand Carved Half Side Fillets
• Cut to Size Portions


Sweet, fresh flavor with medium-firm texture and jumbo flake. High fat content. Raw flesh is white/pink and cooks up white.


Grilling, Roasting, Broiling, Pan Searing, Frying, Steaming, Poaching, Smoking, Civiche, Crudo.


Barramundi is a versatile fish and has a high enough oil content to keep the flesh moist while cooking. The sweet, mild flavor lends itself to a wide range of sauces and spices. Try grilling whole Barramundi to serve with a dill-and-lemon butter sauce. The fish is also excellent pan seared with the edible skin, which crisps up nicely. Aborigines wrap Barramundi in the leaves of the wild ginger plant and bake it in hot ashes for a traditional preparation.

Bali Barramundi is a quality fish that offers traceability from the source. The harvest is controled from egg to product delivery to ensure the highest quality with no harmful substances such as antibiotics, hormones, mercury and other contaminants. The Barramundi are cultured at low densities to avoid overcrowding and stress. They are hand fed a regular, all natural diet to ensure no overfeeding or excess feed is introduced into the delicate ecosystem of the ocean. Our commitment to sustainability remains strong,including a feed mill to produce sustainable feed. This initiative will make for the only fully-integrated Barramundi producer in the world!

Barramundi is grown in open pens in an Aqua Containment System, ensuring zero escapes. Fish are transported, processed and packed within 24 hours from harvest to deliver peak freshness. Fish are iced immediately upon harvesting at the cage site to ensure a quality product; hand-cut portions are then frozen and individually vacuum-packed.

Barramundi was recognized as the hot food for 2010 by the National Restaurant Association, and touted as a “superfood” for 2010 by Oprah’s health guru Dr. Oz. Barramundi has outstanding health properties with low mercury content and Omega-3’s that are good for the heart and brain.

Australia’s Aborigines dubbed this species Barramundi, meaning river fish with large scales; it spends most of its life in rivers, migrating to estuaries to breed and then returning to its original river system.