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Trachinotus carolinus

Common Names: Pompano, Florida Pompano, Atlantic Pompano, Sunfish, Butterfish



Year Round Availability


Sustainable, Farmed Raised, Panama


Whole Fish
Hand Carved Half Side Fillets
Cut to Size Portions


Fresh, oily flavor with medium texture and small flake. Medium fat content. Raw flesh should be a light cream color and cooks up white.


Grilling, Roasting, Broiling, Pan Searing, Frying, Steaming, Poaching.



Fresh, never frozen, ocean farm-raised Florida Pompano is now available year round from the pristine Caribbean waters of Panama. Raised in open water pens, Dyer Aqua Pampano are the same prized Trachinotus carolinus species that grow in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean and are better known as Florida Pompano.

Dyer Aqua Pampano are from special pampered brood stock that are hatched and grown to fingerlings in the tightly controlled facilities. Once the young fish are ready, they are gently introduced into the ocean grow-out pens in Panama. There, they are hand fed a diet of food formulated to produce a good market size fish consistent enough for you to add it as a successful menu item.

Dyer Aqua LLC has been in marine aquaculture since 1996 and has developed many procedures to enable aquaculture to be produced in environmentally and commercially sustainable processes. To bring its products to market, Dyer Aqua, LLC  has invested heavily into aquaculture research and production over the past 20 years.

In Fall 2005, Dyer Aqua became the first company to supply the U.S. market with fresh farm-raised Pompano on a commercial scale. From its specialized hatchery in Sebastian, Florida, Dyer Aqua supplies fingerlings to its grow-out facilities in Panama.

These Pompano are raised from spawn to harvest with their proprietary process that ensures an environmentally friendly consistent quality and superior tasting product. From    hatchery to market size, the fish are raised in open water Caribbean ocean pens.

Pompano have long been regarded as one of the best tasting warm-water fish. But a consistent supply has only been a dream for chefs and seafood lovers – until now. Dyer Aqua Pompano are now available year round – fresh, never frozen.