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Celebrating Julia Child with 15 Inspiring Seafood Recipes.

Photo Credit: Alex Trenoweth

Celebrating Julia Child with 15 Inspiring Seafood Recipes. 

Julia Child was an inspirational chef who used her charm to introduce Americans to a fanciful French style of cooking and even some fusion ideas. Her cooking shows, although not the first cooking shows on television, were game-changing. Well-known as the sometimes clumsy chef, she showed the world you don’t have to be perfect to make a perfect dish. It’s no wonder why she became a household name, won many awards, and eventually became the first woman to be inducted into the Culinary Institute of America’s Hall of Fame. To honor this woman on her birthday, Today, August 15th, let’s share some of her most classic and inspiring seafood recipes. @SamuelsSeafood, if you’re making anything for Julia!



1.) Bouillabaisse – The traditional seafood stew of the Provence region of France.



2.) Fish Chowder – Made in a more traditional and French style than its New England counterpart.



3.) Bisque De Homard A L’americane’ (Lobster Bisque) – A classic recipe with the fun, flavorful twist of Cognac.



4.) Lobster Thermidor – A French dish of Lobster in a cheesy, creamy wine sauce stuffed back in it’s shell.



5.) Hollandaise-Glazed Salmon with Seafood Mousse – A decedent French meal



6.) Coquilles St. Jacques À La Provençale – Perfectly grantinéed Scallops.



7.) Moules À La Provençal – Mussels gratinéed on the Half Shell.



8.) Moules à la MarinièrePerhaps Julia’s most well-known seafood recipe, and also the simplest.



9) Sole-Meuniere À La Julia Child – Julia Child’s first meal in France, the inspiration behind her career.



10.) Curried Shrimp with Mushroom – French with a Fusion Twist.



11.) Salade Nicoise – This popular Child recipe with Tuna and Anchovy fillet offers simple elegance.



12.) Fish Quenelles in White Wine Sauce – Amazing for Halibut, Monkfish, Sole, or Flounder.



13.) Seafood Quiche – A creamy quiche made with Shrimp, Crab, and/or Lobster.



14.) Thon à la Provençal – Tuna (or Swordfish) with wine and tomatoes



And lastly

15.) Swordfish in Monks Clothing – Here a video of our beloved Julia Child showing this massive Swordfish who’s boss with a beautiful braise in monastery wine.