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Alfe’s Italian Seafood Restaurant – Wildwood, NJ



According to Rose Alfe, owner of Alfe’s Italian Seafood Restaurant in Wildwood, NJ, there are three reasons to visit Wildwood.

“The beach, the boardwalk…and Alfe’s,” Rose said. “I have that slogan on a t-shirt.”

Rose is not kidding either, the food at Alfe’s is fresh, delicious and consistent, somewhat of a rarity at the Jersey Shore. One of the main reasons for the quality of Alfe’s food is chef Djamel Kaced. Working at Alfe’s in some capacity since 1994, Djamel worked his way through the ranks, learning the intricacies of Italian cooking. At this stage in his career, he has a full grasp on the menu and supreme confidence in his food.

“Everything on the menu is good,” said Djamel. “It just depends on what you want to eat.”

At Alfe’s, those options are endless. From Shrimp Scampi, which Rose calls the best anywhere, to hearty pasta dishes featuring Mussels, Clams and Shrimp, Alfe’s prepares their dishes the way Rose learned to cook at home, using only the freshest, high quality ingredients available. Those quality ingredients stand out in Alfe’s famous Jacki sauce which features tomatoes, Scallops and Shrimp tossed with a mouthwatering sauce which goes great on all of Alfe’s fish, however Djamel recommends the Tuna with Jacki Sauce.

Djamel is a rarity in shore chefs and not just because of his cooking prowess. He is the chef at Alfe’s year round, so a dish prepared in the heart of the bustling summer months or around Christmas time will have the same great flavor.

“I wouldn’t have a new person cooking when customers are expecting the same taste,” said Djamel.

That is something customers at Alfe’s can be very thankful for.