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By: Zack Blumberg

Meghan Lee’s small beach-town restaurant, Heirloom, derives its name from a word with multiple meanings. A family heirloom typically refers to a sentimental object passed down through generations, while in agriculture, an heirloom represents a variety of crops passed down from one generation of farmers to the next. Both definitions aptly suit this establishment.

Housed in a former Victorian house in Lewes, DE, Heirloom retains many vintage touches from its past, complemented by Meghan’s personal mementos. Notably, the front desk is a family heirloom once belonging to Meghan’s mother. Inside, botanical themes dominate, with furniture and wall adornments featuring plant and gardening motifs, echoing the restaurant’s emphasis on nature.

Heirloom’s seasonal menu changes every three months to align with natural cycles, sourcing ingredients from farmers’ markets and collaborating with staff members to curate each iteration. Emphasizing fine-dining cuisine, the restaurant prides itself on using seasonal, natural ingredients. Notable dishes include Chesapeake blue catfish fried in cornmeal, accompanied by smoked andouille sausage, black-eyed peas, and collard greens. Another standout item is crispy skin New England Arctic char served with roasted gold and red beets, Kennet Square oyster mushrooms, pan-roasted broccoli, and a lemon caper horseradish purée. Additionally, char-grilled octopus a la plancha with shaved carrots and Castle Valley Mills einkorn wheat (an ancient grain) add to the seafood offerings.

Beyond its culinary offerings, Heirloom distinguishes itself through its strong connection with customers, many of whom are loyal repeat visitors, despite distance. This emphasis on customer engagement complements the restaurant’s high-class, yet approachable atmosphere, making Heirloom a standout destination for those seeking elevated cuisine with a down-to-earth vibe.