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Mud City Crab House

Mud City Crab House

By: Zack Blumberg

Situated on the mainland bayside north of the bridge to Long Beach Island, NJ, Mud City Crab House beckons seafood aficionados and casual diners alike with its fresh, seafood-centric offerings. As the name suggests, the restaurant is a nod to the neighborhood’s old-time moniker, “Mud City,” an endearing term derived from the muddy aftermath of frequent coastal flooding events. Owner/Partner, Eric Magaziner, a resident of the area, humorously acknowledges the neighborhood’s muddy conditions, with even his dogs delighting in the muddy terrain!

At Mud City Crab House, the menu is a testament to its dedication to fresh seafood. With 100% of its offerings sourced from their own fish market, patrons can expect nothing but the freshest catches. From crab cakes, various fish dishes, shrimp, clams, to oysters on the half shell, the menu showcases a diverse range of seafood delights.

Among the menu highlights: crab & shrimp fondue; steamed mussels; lobster bisque; and clam chowder. They also serve an array of sandwiches (like the popular shrimp po’ boy) and fish tacos, plus lobster rolls, grilled tuna steaks, and seafood jambalaya. Special mention goes to the signature blue claws, Maryland-style crabs, and garlic-style crabs, each promising a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

Stepping into Mud City Crab House is like stepping into a classic Jersey Shore seafood house with a touch of surfing culture. The relaxed atmosphere invites guests to kick back, enjoy their meal, and soak in the coastal vibes. With booth seating, brown paper-covered tables, an outdoor patio, and draft beer on tap, the restaurant accommodates guests in flip-flops and those dressed for a date night alike.

Mud City Crab House’s success story began with a dilapidated building that once occupied its site. With a vision and determination, the owner, having previously worked for partners Bob and Ginna Nugent at Ship Bottom Shellfish on Long Beach Island, transformed the worn-out structure into the thriving establishment it is today. Despite initial challenges, the restaurant became an instant hit upon its opening, celebrating 25 years of culinary excellence and community spirit.

Beyond its menu and inviting ambiance, what truly sets Mud City Crab House apart is its sense of family. Many employees have been with the restaurant since its inception, with some starting their careers as teenagers. The restaurant has witnessed young patrons grow up, land their first jobs, and even start families. This familial bond extends to customers, who often become part of the restaurant’s close-knit community. As Magaziner puts it, “customers tend to really engage in that family vibe and, in a way, become part of that family. We’ve had loyal customers whose children started their first jobs with us, working through high school and college. We literally watch them grow from kids to adults starting their own careers and families. I think that feeling resonates with our customers.”

While reservations aren’t accepted at Mud City Crab House, waiting guests can enjoy the outside airstream bar, savoring a drink while anticipating their table—a unique and enjoyable way to pass the time.

In addition to their partnership with Samuels for fresh seafood, Mud City Crab House values its relationships with local clammers, crabbers, oystermen, and fishermen. This commitment ensures that patrons are served the freshest local produce, supporting the local economy and offering a truly authentic seafood dining experience.

Mud City Crab House is more than just a restaurant—it’s a community hub that celebrates tradition, quality, and family. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a seafood enthusiast or a casual diner, Mud City welcomes everyone with open arms, promising a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of the Jersey Shore. Come for the seafood, stay for the family atmosphere, and leave with cherished memories of a meal well-enjoyed.