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Monthly Special of the Week: King Crab Select Portions

Our featured special this week is a perfect menu item for the summer season (that is only days away!) Whether you are using the Crabmeat for rolls or salad or simply serving the portions as is, Our King Crab Select Portions are easy-to-use because the hard work is done for you. For your convenience, 5-7oz pieces of premium, high meat-to-shell ratio King Crab is already portioned out.

Additionally, our Select Portions are highly sought after because this part of the Crab is easier to open due to the pointy tip being broken off. This allows you to easily crack through the shells with and get to the tasty meat.

Premium Select Portions are also easy because of their size. Fun fact – King Crab legs can grow up to six feet long! With our Premium Selects you are guaranteed a manageable piece to work with that is consistent each time.

Not only are they consistent in sizing, they are also individually frozen, allowing you to pull only what you need out of this 10 lb. case. They are on sale for the rest of the month for $29.50/lb., leaving plenty of time to take advantage of this price to stock up for the season!

King Crabs have a unique, amazing flavor with larger, thicker pieces of meat compared to other Crabs. The flavor is sweet and buttery with beautifully snow-white flesh. Not only are they great tasting, they provide amazing health benefits. King Crab is rich in lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also low in calories and fat, so you can indulge on this tasty treat this summer guilt free, for only $29.50/lb.! For more information or to get your hands on this delicacy, contact your Samuels Agent today!