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Think BIG: Jumbo Shrimp are this Week’s Featured Special

Let’s face it: every seafood restaurant needs Jumbo White Shrimp on the menu. When dining out, customers just love to be wowed by the presentation of Jumbo Shrimp. Whether baked with lemon and garlic, served in a ceviche with fresh cilantro, or served alongside Aunt Connie’s Famous Cocktail Sauce, you won’t be disappointed with these delicious Shrimp.

These beauties come to us from CenSea, and are a new size for us! Previously only available in U/8 and U/12 sizes, these U/10’s are a new addition to our CenSea options. They feature a clean flavor, a crisp snap, and a tender texture. These raw Shrimp are peeled, deveined, and tail-on, which means that labor costs will be minimal, and serving will be a breeze. Just unthaw, prepare in the style of your choice, and serve to your hungry customers.

Right now, the market price for Jumbo Shrimp is hovering around $20/lb. But for Seven Fish Club members and current Samuels account holders, we’re offering U/10 Jumbo Shrimp for just $16.95/lb. Call today to place an order!