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Ordering Made Easy with Email

Samuels Night Crew

Did you know the best way to send delivery orders is with email? With a click of a button you can have better accuracy and more peace of mind. Our customer service team reads your emails, sends confirmation, and works hard to make your orders perfect. Here’s how to start!


The subject line of the email should include the restaurant name and expected delivery date.


The body of the email should include the location and a direct phone number. Please list your items one by one – a new line for each item. And always include your quantity and whether you are purchasing by the pound, case, or “each.” (Talk to your Samuels Agent about units and sizing.) Also list any product specifications or instructions for delivery. Here is an example using the imaginary bar and grill; Sammy’s Saloon:


Subject Line: Sammy’s Saloon. Expected 10.31.18

Body:    1 Case of Jumbo Breaded Clam Strips

10 Each of 2-3 lb Live Lobsters

25 Pounds of True North Salmon Fillets

*Use front door. Loading dock is being repaved.*

Sam – (215)555-5555



Lastly, keep your eye out for your confirmation and always double check that your order was sent to the correct email address.


Send orders to these emails:

Eastern Pennsylvania: orders@samuelsseafood.com

Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh: orderspitt@samuelsseafood.com

Washington DC and Virginia: ordersdc@samuelsseafood.com

Delaware and Maryland: ordersdemd@samuelsseafood.com

New Jersey: ordersnj@samuelsseafood.com

New York: ordersny@samuelsseafood.com

Florida: ordersFL@samuelsseafood.com

Las Vegas: orderslv@samuelsseafood.com