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Ristorante Antipasti, OC Maryland

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Ristorante Antipasti, a traditional Italian white table cloth restaurant with a modern touch, has been a part of the Ocean City, Maryland dining scene for 20 years. Italian native Chef Fausto DiCarlo is the face of the establishment. His warmth and enthusiasm have made the restaurant a go to spot for not only locals, but also politicians and celebrities when they are in town. Behind the scenes is Chef Paul de Huarte, a Washington DC native who moved to OC when he was a junior in high school. Chef Paul tells us that it is the loyal staff and the way everyone works as a family that make Ristorante Antipasti so special. He and Chef Fausto are obvious opposites and have been working together and complementing each other since the restaurant’s conception.


Chef Paul de Huart & Chef Fausto DiCarlo, Ristoante Antipasti

Along with seasonal seafood specials, there are delicious staples at Ristorante Antipasti to enjoy year round. In typical Italian fashion, they fillet whole fish table side. Their salt roasted Striped Bass is a house favorite, along with their Zuppa di Pesce Posillipo, which consists of scampi, mussels, calamari, and white wine served on top of linguine. Ristorante Antipasti is also home to a famous homemade dish called Timballo Abruzzese , made with thin layers of pasta, ground veal, mozzarella, and nutmeg.


Timballo Abruzzese, Ristorante Antipasti

Much like the dynamic between Chef Paul and Chef Fausto, the city of OC Maryland is also a town of opposites. During the busy summer months, Chef Paul and the rest of the staff spend long hours in the kitchen and on the floor, serving regulars and customers on vacation. As the fall approaches, things start to calm down and there is more time to enjoy the beautiful beach town of OC. Along with the change in pace, the off season tends to bring a different crowd. Conferences, golf outings, and car shows all bring in out of towners looking for a great meal. No matter what time of year, the restaurant is always full of satisfied diners.

If you find yourself in OC, Maryland you’ll know where to get the best Italian food in the city! You can find Ristorante Antipasti on the web at www.ristoranteantipasti.com/ or visit them at 3101 Philadelphia Ave. Ocean City, MD 21842.