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Rocco’s at the Brick

Rocco’s at the Brick

By: Lily Cope

In charming Newtown, PA, Rocco’s at The Brick offers a dining experience that blends classic, steakhouse elegance with a thoughtful, modern approach. But Rocco’s is not just a business venture; it’s a tribute to Chef-Partner, Cole Caprioni’s 9-year-old son, for whom the restaurant is named.

Opened in 2018, Rocco’s is the brainchild of Caprioni and his partner, Marc Gelman, both seasoned industry veterans with backgrounds spanning various successful ventures, including The Pub in Pennsauken, NJ, and Library II in Voorhees, NJ. Located within the Brick Hotel, which dates back to 1763, Rocco’s at The Brick is steeped in Revolution-era history. Newtown itself boasts a rich historical heritage, and the hotel has ties to some of America’s founding fathers who once guests of the hotel. The ambiance of the restaurant reflects this legacy, offering a balance of strong, masculine elements that are complemented by softer, more relaxed touches. Guests are greeted with warm, dim lighting and a homey atmosphere. Despite its steakhouse undertones, Rocco’s exudes a softer side, welcoming patrons to come as they are without the constraints of a dress code.

The heart of Rocco’s lies in its cuisine, which Caprioni describes as “so much more than steak on a plate.” While steak and seafood take center stage, the menu offers a diverse selection of beautifully crafted and thoughtfully garnished dishes that showcase the finest seafood and Caprioni’s passion for creating memorable meals.
Seafood lovers will find themselves at home at Rocco’s. Caprioni, who grew up in New Jersey, is partial to oysters from his home state, and the menu at Rocco’s boasts selections from Barnegat Bay, Cape May, and Great Bay. There are even Oysters ROCCO-feller on the menu. The restaurant sources the freshest ingredients from Samuels Seafood Company to create elevated, culinary staples, like Faroe Island salmon for a salmon BLT and sashimi-grade tuna loin for poke. Popular dishes include Chilean sea bass Acqua Pazza, featuring steamed Chilean sea bass, PEI mussels, clams, gulf shrimp, fregola sarda, and fresh herbs in a tomato-parmesan broth, and South African lobster tails served with crabcake stuffing, lemon, drawn butter, and caper remoulade.

What sets Rocco’s apart is its ability to provide a city-like experience in the suburban landscape of Newtown, PA. Catering to the palates and wallets of local clientele, the restaurant offers exceptional value, with sides, sauces, and salads included in the dining experience, rather than being offered à la carte, unlike most steakhouses.

Caprioni emphasized the pride and dedication of the staff at Rocco’s. From pre-shift meetings to the sharing of product knowledge, every aspect of the restaurant is infused with passion and care. Rocco’s at The Brick is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary haven where patrons can indulge in simple yet elegant dishes in a welcoming atmosphere. With its rich history, dedication to quality, and commitment to its customers, Rocco’s stands as a beacon of gastronomic excellence in Newtown, PA.

For those seeking a taste of this culinary gem, reservations are recommended. You can follow Rocco’s journey on social media platforms and on their website.