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Skye Steelhead Gets the Gold for Natural and Sustainable Aquaculture

Switch up your menu with Syke Steelhead Ocean Trout! This Salmon sibling is a similar but fattier fish than most Salmon, with a distinct, buttery flavor and delicate, melt-in-your mouth texture. It’s loved by chefs for its versatility in applications from pan-searing, to smoking, or sashimi and other raw applications. Being rich in protein, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, it’s one of the healthiest fish you can eat. If that wasn’t good enough, Purefish is bringing it to us responsibly harvested and naturally delicious.

PureFish has made huge advantages in bringing aquaculture Steelhead Trout the closest you can get to wild caught! Through uses of open pens, low stock density and high quality feed, Skye Steelhead Trout are living in ideal natural conditions needed for health, sustainability, and perfect flavor.

Skye Steelhead Trout start their lives in pristine Scottish spring water to ensure quality and health. Once the fish have matured, they are introduced to the salty sea. This process mimics the lifecycle of the wild anadromous Steelhead Trout, which is born in freshwater, migrates to the ocean, and returns to freshwater to spawn. This is important because it affects the meat quality. In fact, without this transition to saltwater, this Trout could not be considered a Steelhead and would not have its distinctive taste. Another important factor here is sustainability – Trout population in the wild can be sparse, less than 20 Steelheads return for every hundred that migrate because they are prey to a plethora of mammals from sea, land, and sky.

The ocean pens are located in the beautiful open waters off the picturesque Isle of Skye, Scotland.  This makes the perfect location for overall health of the fish and environment. The powerful currents of the North Atlantic are constantly surging nutrient rich water through the farms, allowing the Trout to naturally swim against them. These strong currents not only create stronger and healthier fish, but keep a clean sea bed.

PureFish’s philosophy is putting sustainability and quality first to produce fish that are better tasting and better for the environment. This fishery is even certified with both UK’s RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and The Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices.)

They accomplished this environmental acclaim through ultra-low stock densities where the concentration is 99% water to 1% fish. The low density reduces stress, improves health, and allows a higher amount of muscle to develop which affects texture and taste. The pens are also put on rotation or fallowing – one pen is used and then moved to avoid negative environmental effects such as depleting nutrients or overloading waste in one area.

The fish come first here! They are given the highest quality feed and 24-hour vet monitoring. This fancy fish diet is composed of natural fish protein from other sustainable fisheries with 15% higher than average omega-3 fish oils added for additional health benefits for the fish and consumer. Even the antioxidants, carotenoids, needed for the health and enticing color of the trout, are responsibly sourced from natural microorganisms. Most importantly, the feed is free of land based animal protein, which contributes to the clean taste and high quality that’s unmistakable, especially when enjoyed raw.