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Swimming to Harvest in Four Hours, Oishii Shrimp are this Week’s Featured Special

Are you ready to throw conventional Shrimp aquaculture practices out the window in favor of the freshest, tastiest Shrimp you could imagine? This summer, Oishii White Vannamai Shrimp will give you just that. Using ground-breaking technology, Oishii Shrimp go from swimming to frozen, and on their way to you, within 4 hours. This results in an unreal, straight from the water freshness that redefines delicious Shrimp. In fact, Oishii, in Japanese, is the word for delicious.

Oishii Shrimp was born out of the passion for crafting superior Shrimp. And through years of research, a decade of planning, and amazing scientific advancements, Oishii has become a game changer with exceptional color, texture, and flavor. Oishii Shrimp is also an environmentally friendly product that is Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified with 3-stars. This ensures the top standard for sustainability and encompasses all quality assurance and control through every stage of the Shrimp life cycle.

The key to this success lies in small-batch aquaculture methods, proprietary pond construction, strict water quality monitoring and most importantly, cutting edge techniques which allow Oishii Shrimp to be the first Shrimp harvested and processed live. That’s right, live! This is the next level of freshness. Oishii has completely changed the game when it comes to Shrimp, producing a quality of Shrimp that is second to none in every aspect. When it comes to fresh, high-quality, sustainable Shrimp that looks and tastes incredible, choose the one that says delicious right on the package.

You can find U/15 Oishii Shrimp on special all July for an unbeatable price of $8.99/lb. Oishii Shrimp come in a frozen 20 lb case. Call your Samuels agent or come down to Guiseppe’s Market fast because this price won’t last forever!