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Tips and Tricks for Being in the Know!

In any business, knowledge is power. So here at Samuels, we provide our customers with top quality product backed with a wealth of information and resources. Your Samuels Agent, for one, is a knowledgeable representative who will guide you through your sale and assist with everything from product information to menu planning and food costs. In addition, we have our Brand Ambassadors that will fill in any gaps. Have you met Kate and Summer? They visit our customers to make sure everything is running smoothly. They would love to listen to your feedback and suggest products that will help meet your needs. Other resources we provide include Samuels Daily and Monthly Specials, Shellfish Updates, Market Updates, and our Social Media Pages.


Did you know Samuels Daily Specials feature the best values on the freshest products every day? Take advantage of our Daily Specials pricing to try new items, seasonal specialties, or just traditional favorites. Daily Specials will be posted by 2pm the day before they are available for delivery. To make it easy for our customers to access the Daily Specials, we send them out three ways – via email, on our website, and on our voice mail. If you would like to receive our Daily Specials via email, you can sign up on our website, on the top navigation bar under “Contact” > “New Customer.” Then on the right hand side, enter your email under “Sign up for our Newsletter” and make sure you have “Daily Specials” checked.


Our Daily Specials can also be viewed every day on the main page of the website under the scrolling banner. This page is optimized to view on all screens, including cellphones, so you can be in the know on the go! In a pinch, our voicemail is another great way to hear the Daily Specials, just call the main Samuels number and press “2” as prompted. As a reminder, here are our numbers; East Coast – 800-580-5810 Midwest – 888-512-3636; West Coast – 855-500-7535; South Coast – 833-SAMUELS (833-726-8357.)


We also offer Monthly Specials that give you a chance to save every day of the month. They are also available via email and on the main page of the website. In addition, they are featured in our Fishtales Magazine every month. Both Daily and Monthly Specials are available for delivery and pick-up. Talk to your Samuels agent about ordering, sizing, and limitations.


If you’re looking for additional product information, under the “products” tab of the Samuels website, we also offer information about some of our newest and most popular products, and a “Seasonal Fish List” that features all of our fish that are available in fall and winter.


Another great tool is the Shellfish Update. It is updated and sent out daily to show what is available for the next day. This list contains our extensive Oyster selection, along with Mussels, Clams, and specialty items such as Live Sea Scallops and Percebes. This is a very helpful list as it contains not just availability, but also flavor profiles and the specific growing regions. This list is available on our website main page or you can subscribe to this list under “Contact” > “New Customer” and make sure “General Interest” is checked off. General interest will also send you our Market Updates.


Market Updates are sent out every Friday. We provide them in the pickup area as well as on the main page of the website. They provide you with the information you need to know about seafood. Tariffs and quotas, market trends, special sales, new products? You will always be the first to know.


Lastly, we have 4 different Social Media platforms that we use to interact with our customers. Follow us on our Facebook (@Samuels.Seafood) and Twitter and Instagram (@SamuelsSeafood) to see all the newest, coolest arrivals and posts about everything that goes into your orders. We also provide a lot of helpful and interesting information on fish including catch methods, history, sustainability, and fun facts. And our YouTube videos offer an in depth look into local fisheries and other cool happenings here at Samuels.


Sign up for our resources so we can help set you up for success!