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Lake Victoria Perch: A Price Conscious Perch-ase

This week’s featured special is none other than Lake Victoria Perch. A tasty freshwater fish, they are caught in the world’s second largest freshwater Lake, Lake Victoria, and have a distinct flavor profile. This fish is medium-firm when cooked and have a large flake. Due to their size and flake, they are often compared to Grouper.

Chefs love Lake Victoria Perch for its great price point and guests love it for its excellent flavor and tender texture. Lake Victoria Perch is only $6.99/lb during the month of May. The large fillets are a great option compared to Grouper and Black Bass, giving you an affordable center of the plate option without sacrificing flavo. Lake Victoria Perch is also very forgiving, remaining moist during cooking. This fish is also good for smoking, baking, grilling, broiling, and sautéing.

This item is also a great choice for the health conscious consumers, with its high oil content and richness in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Each serving of Lake Victoria Perch packs a whopping 20 grams of protein for a single 4 oz portion, making it an excellent choice for a light, yet filling meal. As keto, paleo, and pescetarian diets gain more and more popularity, consumers are looking for healthy food wherever they can get it.

Additionally, Lake Victoria Perch are actually an invasive species. Just like the Snakehead and Lionfish here in the US, these enormous fish wreak havoc on native fish populations, and have eliminated many of Lake Victoria’s native species. So when you eat this fish, you can help take a bite out of an invasive population.

Lake Victoria Perch are available in a 13 lb case at just $6.99/lb. Make sure you reel in this great deal before May ends!