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La Campagnola

La Campagnola

La Campagnola opened in the early 2000’s in Shamong, New Jersey. This a unique restaurant has a lot to offer, with an Italian focused menu, influenced by surrounding European countries. Enjoy the casual yet elegant atmosphere and indulge in a variety of culinary delights; pasta, steak, seafood.

La Campagnola was not the first restaurant that founders and owners Tony and Pete Sparacio operated. Before La Campagnola, the brothers had operated a Pizzeria in Medford Lakes by the name of Riviera Pizza. This Pizzeria was originally established by their father Salvatore Sparacio, and they have both locations open to this day. Eventually, the brothers wanted to create another restaurant, one that would serve a wide variety of foods. In 2006, they brought over Chef Michael Nuciglio to be the executive chef of this new restaurant. He would develop the menu that would deliver on the ambition that the brothers had envisioned for their new project.

The menu reveals a myriad of appetizers, soups, salads, seafood, pasta dishes, steak, and more, all made with fresh delicious ingredients. Popular amongst the seafood selection is a dish dubbed the “Oceans Garden”. This dish is a lavish extravaganza of jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, a vodka blush sauce, baby spinach, paired with a choice of pasta. Another popular seafood dish amongst their selection is their shrimp and salad risotto. As the name suggests, this dish is a delectable combination of jumbo shrimp and sea scallops in a parmesan risotto. Leaving the seafood section of the menu and venturing back onto land, La Campagnola offers a variety of juicy delicious steaks made from Braveheart Beef. This high-quality beef is among the best quality beef that one can get their hands on.

To complement the excellent food, La Campagnola provides a relaxing yet tasteful atmosphere. Seating one hundred fifty-four, La Campagnola contains a seventy-seat dining room, a seventy-seat bar area, and a fourteen-seat mezzanine area. This provides the perfect setting to enjoy any number of their delicious dishes.

La Campagnola offers an ambitious menu. To have such an elaboratemenu in a family business is not an easy task to pull off. Nonetheless, La Campagnola has managed to do so successfully.This success is a testament to the fact that big things can come from a small team, they have the drive to match the size of their dreams.

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